What is

Bringing together all kinds of creativity and passion
For a day of wonder, possibility, freedom, and fun!
A music festival we all create, for everyone to enjoy: SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA!

If we can perform music in the middle of Shibuya
without any constraints once a year or so

that would be awesome!
SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! was born from this idea
and kicked off with the pre-event in 2014.
It is an “anyone-can-join” type of music festival
taking place on the streets in Shibuya.

Whether you are familiar with music or not,
can play a musical instrument or not,
are a good singer or a bad singer.
It does not matter.
We want to offer a place
where people can genuinely enjoy music
from the bottom of their hearts
beyond age, nationality or cultural difference.

At the event,
you’ll not only listen to the music performed by people,
but you can also sing a song
or play a musical instrument by yourself.
We’ll make our own sounds.
Let’s get together in Shibuya
and create such a festival ourselves.

Shibuya Station is currently undergoing
a once-in-a-century redevelopment project.

“We want to engage in shaping the future of Shibuya
with a sense of pride and attachment.”
With such aspirations of the local Shibuya community,
SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! is fostering community
involvement through music.

It is an opportunity for professionals and amateurs
alike to perform on stage,
or a chance for volunteers
to create a music festival in the town.
Our goal is to create an inclusive festival in the town for/by anyone
who wants to enjoy the music!

With music, let’s enjoy every corner of Shibuya.

SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! takes place again!
This year, you are the star!

Come and join us! let’s Zunchaka!


Nozomi Matsuzawa

2023 Captain
Nozomi Matsuzawa

Six years ago, I had an incredible experience at a music festival called ”Fête de la Musique” in France.

It was a day where people of all skill levels and music genres, whether it was rock, hip-hop, jazz, Irish, samba, could perform on the same stage in the same city. They were sometimes members of a famous orchestra, or just friends from school. It was a day of free and unrestricted enjoyment of music.

That ”Fête de la Musique”, filled with music, smiles, and a sense of pure happiness, made me realize how special it is to be alive.

Ever since then, I've been wishing for a festival like that in Japan. That's when a friend of mine introduced me to "SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA!”.

I participated it for the first time in 2021, but due to the pandemic, the event was held online. The following year, it took place exclusively at Miyashita Park.

And now, after three years of being a part of ZUNCHAKA!, we are finally free from the grips of the pandemic, and ZUNCHAKA! is coming back to Shibuya.

I can't express how excited I am to finally witness this year's event in a larger scale that I’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Let's come together with timetable your hand and experience the festive atmosphere of Shibuya area. If you ever feel tired, you can take a break at one of the nearby coffee shops too.

With the entire Team ZUNCHAKA! working together, this year's SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! is going to be fantastic. We hope to see you all in Shibuya on July 9.

Let's ZUNCHAKA together!

Rin Kawakami

2023 Captain
Rin Kawakami

This year, SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! will finally be back in town.

On this special day, the usually bustling plaza and the hidden back alleys of Shibuya will come alive with a variety of rhythms and melodies.
Join us and experience the unique atmosphere of Shibuya, which is unlike any other day.

SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! is a project that brings together a diverse group of individuals.
It's the fearless spirit of everyone to try out and their passion to share the music on the streets that makes this event truly remarkable.

The first party as such, is Team ZUNCHAKA!
They consist of various people including high school students who joined for a school assignment, university students juggling job hunting and studies, and working adults who find joy outside of their occasional overtime work.
Together, we have fun and passionately create SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! while pursuing the things we want to try.

Then, there are the performers on stage.
We have families who love playing music, duos formed by busy parents, and song lovers who upload their songs on YouTube.
Each person enjoys music in their own unique way.
I can't wait to witness their performances on the festival day.

Lastly, a big shoutout to the committee and professional staff who work tirelessly to support Team ZUNCHAKA! and the performers.
Their efforts make it possible for everyone to give their best.

On July 9th, take a stroll through the streets of Shibuya.
Let's be fearless and ZUNCHAKA together!
We hope that this day of lots of wishes coming to life becomes a memorable scene that people will talk about and say, “Hey, I saw some fun stuff in Shibuya today.”

SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! is not only managed on the day of the event but also planned and organized by Team ZUNCHAKA! We are a diverse group of individuals with different passions and desires, all coming together to make ZUNCHAKA! happen. Would you like to join us? We love doing things together!

Moreover, ZUNCHAKA! is made possible by the support of numerous individuals and organizations. This includes the local shopping association, Shibuya Ward, businesses and stores associated with Shibuya, and dedicated professional staff who work alongside us in the planning and execution of the event.

Once again, SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! is a music festival that belongs to the entire community. It is created by everyone involved, and there are countless ways to participate.

Come and join ZUNCHAKA! to explore a whole new dimension of music!





Dates & Hours

July 9 (Sun) 2023, 11:00 - 18:00
*Will be held in light rain, cancelled in stormy weather.


Hachiko Plaza, Shibuya Station East Exit, Center Gai Street, MIYASHITA PARK, Jinnan Elementary School, Cat Street and more.

Organized by


Co – organized by

Shibuya City

Under the auspice of

Shibuya City Tourism Association Inc. Foundation

Certifying to
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Project design

Team ZUNCHAKA! (volunteer)

Sponsored by
Assisted by

CAMP4, Shibuya Television, Shibuya no Radio, Future Design Shibuya

Special Thanks to 穏田商店会/渋谷青山通り商店会/渋谷駅東口商店会/渋谷駅前共栄会/渋谷公園通商店街振興組合/渋谷センター商店街振興組合/渋谷地下商店街振興組合/渋谷中央街/渋谷道玄坂商店街振興組合/渋谷百軒店商店会/渋谷宮益商店街振興組合/松濤文化村ストリート商店会/東急本店前商店会/原宿表参道欅会/明治通り宮下パーク商店会