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A one-day music liberation zone. Shibuya Zunchaka!

2024/10/20(Sun) 11:00-18:00 Come Together♪ Admission Free

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As people gather at an intersection,
both ladies and gentlemen come to a stop.
In a nearby park, boys and girls look up
and listen to the sounds around them.
On a bench, Grandma and Grandpa
share a smile with each other.
Boom Boom♪ Twang Twang♪ Kssshhh♪ Bomp Bomp♪ As various sounds
fill the streets of Shibuya,
notes dance in the wind and
fall from the sky.
Your body naturally begins to sway
as you immerse yourself in the music.
Music is all about enjoying, and Zunchaka,
a day of dancing and playing with sound,
is the perfect place to do just that.
Let's all head to Shibuya
and be a part of "Zunchaka!"

What is Shibuya Zunchaka?


Zunchaka!, a music festival held in Shibuya
that welcomes both performers and listeners.
The festival features sound workshops, session areas,
and stages scattered throughout the streets of Shibuya,
giving participants the opportunity to play, sing, dance, or simply listen to the music.
Enjoy in your way!

10 Tips for

  1. 1Any music is precious.
  2. 2You don't even have to be good at it!
  3. 3Jamming is what it's all about!
  4. 4Break the walls of generation, nationality, and gender!
  5. 5Be careful not to break the public rules though!
  1. 6Share the sound, the space, and happiness.
  2. 7Don’t be shy, and be considerate.
  3. 8Feel the flow of any sound you hear!
  4. 9Don't hesitate to get into the rhythm!
  5. 10Zunchaka all day long till you get home!


  • Want to Join?

    Zunchaka! is held on Sunday, July 9 2023 in Shibuya.
    Save the date!

  • Want to perform?

    Why don't you try playing music in the streets of Shibuya?
    No matter what level you are, all kinds of music are welcome!

  • Want to volunteer?

    We aim to have a "music festival in the city" created by everyone.
    Do you have any ideas that you want to realize?

  • Sponsorship

    We are looking for people willing to sponsor the event.




Dates & Hours

October 20 (Sun) 2024, 11:00 - 18:00
*Will be held in light rain, cancelled in stormy weather.


(to be announced)

Organized by


Co – organized by

Shibuya City

Under the auspice of

Shibuya City Tourism Association Inc. Foundation

Certifying to
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Project design

Team ZUNCHAKA! (volunteer)

Sponsored by
Assisted by

gakkirental.com, CAMP4, Shibuya Television, Shibuya no Radio, Future Design Shibuya, Blanc Create

Special Thanks to 穏田商店会/渋谷青山通り商店会/渋谷駅東口商店会/渋谷駅前共栄会/渋谷公園通商店街振興組合/渋谷センター商店街振興組合/渋谷地下商店街振興組合/渋谷中央街/渋谷道玄坂商店街振興組合/渋谷百軒店商店会/渋谷宮益商店街振興組合/松濤文化村ストリート商店会/東急本店前商店会/原宿表参道欅会/明治通り宮下パーク商店会