We need you

For the 10th Shibuya Zunchaka! in 2024Call for Project Volunteer

Shibuya Zunchaka! is a music festival that takes place in Shibuya with the idea of having a day each year where people can freely play music in the middle of Shibuya.
It is a festival "made by everyone", with stages, sessions, and sound workshops set up all over Shibuya.

The festival aims to create a place where everyone can enjoy music, regardless of their familiarity with music or ability to play an instrument, and regardless of differences in generation, nationality, or culture. Everyone can not only listen to someone else's performance but also sing, play, and make their own sounds.
We want to see such a festival created by all kinds of people who comes together in Shibuya.

This festival is planned and organized by volunteers called "Team Zunchaka!" and they work not only on the day of the festival but also before it begins.
We are looking for people who want to join the team and work for the 10th Zunchaka! in 2024.

Anyone who can physically come to Shibuya is welcome to join, regardless of where they live, with no experience or age required. Students are also welcome to use this event to create a portfolio and achievements for job hunting.

Let's work together to create a one-day music liberation zone right in the heart of Shibuya!
We are looking forward to your application.