What is

Bringing together all kinds of creativity and passion
For a day of wonder, possibility, freedom, and fun!
A music festival we all create, for everyone to enjoy: SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA!

If we can perform music in the middle of Shibuya
without any constraints once a year or so

that would be awesome!
SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! was born from this idea
and kicked off with the pre-event in 2014.
It is an “anyone-can-join” type of music festival
taking place on the streets in Shibuya.

Whether you are familiar with music or not,
can play a musical instrument or not,
are a good singer or a bad singer.
It does not matter.
We want to offer a place
where people can genuinely enjoy music
from the bottom of their hearts
beyond age, nationality or cultural difference.

At the event,
you’ll not only listen to the music performed by people,
but you can also sing a song
or play a musical instrument by yourself.
We’ll make our own sounds.
Let’s get together in Shibuya
and create such a festival ourselves.

Currently, the area around Shibuya station is under redevelopment,
which happens every 100 years.
Also, Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are coming in 2021.

“As Shibuya is ever-changing, would like to find a way
to be a part of its future with pride and affection
Based on such desire of Shibuya ward,
we are creating a new type of “community music festival”
that offers a place where anybody who wants to play music
can freely create or enjoy the sounds.

With music, let’s enjoy every corner of Shibuya.

SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA! takes place again!
This year, you are the star!

Come and join us! let’s Zunchaka!

Performer Recruitment-INVITATION-

Let music ring through the streets
of Shibuya on 9/5 (Sun.)!

It’s been almost 2 years
since our lives have all changed.
In this new normal, where live performances
and festivals have all been moved online--
wouldn’t you like to feel a real connection
with others through music once again?

A music festival that only comes once a year:
Join us and bring your passion and energy
to the heart of Shibuya.

Music knows no distance,
nor are there boundaries to the heart.
We’re looking for something
to move the hearts of everyone in town.

No matter your age, experience, or background,
come join us and let music ring through the city!
We’re waiting for your application!

The Street Stage
~where music rings throughout the heart of Shibuya~

Would you join us and perform in the heart of Shibuya?
On this day, the “heart of Shibuya” is wherever you choose to make sounds.

Whether you’re a beginner or it’s your first performance, you are welcome here!
(of course, that includes professionals too!)
You can sing, dance, and perform to your heart’s content.
We’d like to shine the spotlight on you-- the unique, free, happy, open, borderless,
never-before-seen “stars of Shibuya”!

Jam bands, jug bands, jazz shows,
Orchestras, guitar duos, recorder solos,

Guitars with drums, pianos with cajóns, vocaloid with beatbox,
Sing with guitar, sing with piano, or think outside the box

Acapella, rap, yodeling, and throat singing,
Marching bands, vaudevilles, chindon’ya, and all things

Math rock, power pop, shoegaze
Or maybe you’re in for a jazz craze

Sitars, theremins, nyckelharpas, tonkori
All kinds of instruments and music we’ve yet to see...

Woman or man, old or young, group or solo, wherever you’re from,
Whether it’s your debut performance or you’ve just been away for a while,
Or you’ve come to create memories with family and friends,
We hope that Zunchaka! will be a special day of music for everyone,
And we are waiting for all your unique entries!

Planned stages:

・UTAGE Stage: For band use (with drum set), maximum 7 people

・IKOI Stage: For acoustic use, maximum 3 people

・TOBIRA Stage: For piano use, maximum 2 people

※ The stages will be set up in Miyashita Park with social distancing in mind.

Application Requirements

We accept everyone who understands and supports our intent at SHIBUYA ZUNCHAKA!, regardless of age, experience, and performance. Please note that all performances will be held outside.
In order to perform, one representative for your group must participate in the online “Performers Meeting” on July 18th (Sun.) 10:00~17:00.
We also ask for your full cooperation in all preventative measures regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

※ If selected to perform, each person must contribute 1000 yen towards administrative fees.

Please read the Application Guidelines for further information.

Entry has been closed on June 9, 2021 (Wed).
Thank you for all the applications!





September 5 (Sun) 2021


10:45 - 18:00



Organized by


Co – organized by

Shibuya City

Under the auspice of

Shibuya City Tourism Association Inc. Foundation

Certifying to

Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Project design

Team ZUNCHAKA! (volunteer)

Sponsored by
Assisted by

CAMP4, Shibuya Television, Shibuya no Radio, Future Design Shibuya, YAMAHA MUSIC JAPAN CO., LTD., MEIZAN TEA

Special Thanks to 穏田商店会/渋谷青山通り商店会/渋谷駅東口商店会/渋谷駅前共栄会/渋谷公園通商店街振興組合/渋谷センター商店街振興組合/渋谷地下商店街振興組合/渋谷中央街/渋谷道玄坂商店街振興組合/渋谷百軒店商店会/渋谷宮益商店街振興組合/松濤文化村ストリート商店会/東急本店前商店会/原宿表参道欅会/明治通り宮下パーク商店会
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