What is
Shibuya Zunchaka?

A diverse, free, happy, open, borderless,
with full of opportunities for encountering new music,
performance and people, relaxed,
yet offers a lot of potential…
Shibuya Zunchaka! is just a fun event !

If we can perform music in the middle of Shibuya
without any constraints once a year or so

that would be awesome!
Shibuya Zunchaka! was born from this idea
and kicked off with the pre-event in 2014.
It is an “anyone-can-join” type of music festival
taking place on the streets in Shibuya.

Whether you are familiar with music or not,
can play a musical instrument or not,
are a good singer or a bad singer.
It does not matter.
We want to offer a place
where people can genuinely enjoy music
from the bottom of their hearts
beyond age, nationality or cultural difference.

At the event,
you’ll not only listen to the music performed by people,
but you can also sing a song
or play a musical instrument by yourself.
We’ll make our own noise.
Let’s get together in Shibuya
and create such a festival ourselves.

Currently, the area around Shibuya station is under redevelopment,
which happens every 100 years.
Also, Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are coming in 2020.

“As Shibuya is ever-changing, would like to find a way
to be a part of its future with pride and affection
Based on such desire of Shibuya ward,
we are creating a new type of “community music festival”
that offers a place where anybody who wants to play music
can freely create or enjoy the sounds.

With music, let’s enjoy every corner of Shibuya.

Shibuya Zunchaka takes place again!
This year, you are the star!

Come and join us! let’s Zunchaka!



SHIBUYA Zunchaka!


September 3 (Sun) 2017


11:30 - 18:00


Hachiko Plaza / Center Gai Street / SHIBUYA CAST. /
Mitake Park / CAT STREET / Jingumae intersection and more!!

Organized by

SHIBUYA Zunchaka COMMITTEE ※一般社団法人申請中

Supported by

Shibuya City, Shibuya City Tourism Association Inc. Foundation

Co - sponsored by
Special Thanks to

YEBISU GARDEN PLACE, Olympia Annex Building, Onden Shrine, CAMP4, QFRONT, cocoti SHIBUYA, SHIBUYA CAST., NPO Shibuya University Network, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, Shibuya Television, Shibuya no Radio, Shibuya Hikarie, SHIBUYA MARK CITY, sora×niwa, D-note, TOKYU DEPARTMENT STORE, TOKYU PLAZA OMOTESANDO HARAJUKU, BRAVO WORKS, INC., Miyashita Park Rebirth Project, mori no oto, Yachiyo Bank Harajuku Branch office, LOGOS CORPORATION, WORLD FESTIVAL Inc.

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Team Zunchaka!