What is Shibuya Zunchaka?

A diverse, free, happy, open, borderless,
with full of opportunities for encountering new music,
performance and people, relaxed,
yet offers a lot of potential…
Shibuya Zunchaka! is just a fun event !

If we can perform music in the middle of Shibuya
without any constraints once a year or so

that would be awesome!
Shibuya Zunchaka! was born from this idea
and kicked off with the pre-event in 2014.
It is an “anyone-can-join” type of music festival
taking place on the streets in Shibuya.

Whether you are familiar with music or not,
can play a musical instrument or not,
are a good singer or a bad singer.
It does not matter.
We want to offer a place
where people can genuinely enjoy music
from the bottom of their hearts
beyond age, nationality or cultural difference.

At the event,
you’ll not only listen to the music performed by people,
but you can also sing a song
or play a musical instrument by yourself.
We’ll make our own noise.
Let’s get together in Shibuya
and create such a festival ourselves.

Currently, the area around Shibuya station is under redevelopment,
which happens every 100 years.
Also, Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are coming in 2020.

“As Shibuya is ever-changing, would like to find a way
to be a part of its future with pride and affection
Based on such desire of Shibuya ward,
we are creating a new type of “community music festival”
that offers a place where anybody who wants to play music
can freely create or enjoy the sounds.

With music, let’s enjoy every corner of Shibuya.

Shibuya Zunchaka takes place again!
This year, you are the star!

Come and join us! let’s Zunchaka!

Hello from Team Zunchaka!

Team Zunchaka! Leader:Daisuke Matsubara
Team Zunchaka!
Leader:Daisuke Matsubara

F blues

Hi everyone, nice to meet you.
I am Daisuke Matsubara, the leader of “Team Zunchaka! 2016” a local volunteer group that organizes Shibuya Zunchaka!.

I was born in Shibuya and grew up in playing the piano.
Shibuya Zunchaka is a music festival where Shibuya is the main stage and where you may discover a completely new way of enjoying music.

I like music very much. Especially, I love playing the piano, though I’m not that good at reading a musical score. I love the moment when my friend sings a song or hums a melody along with my piano. Whenever I sing along with my friends, I cannot help but deeply appreciate how wonderful music is!

I felt this excitement for the first time when I did a street performance in Yoyogi Park. Inspired by Hiromi Uehara, I started jazz piano when I was in the 2nd grade in junior high school. Soon after that, I formed a piano trio with two classmates.
We brought a mini-piano, wood base, a snare and cymbals to the bench by the fountain.
I still recall that I got goose bumps to my whole body at the moment we played the first chord of F of “Moanin’”

While, we were frantically playing the number, four Swedish students stopped by and requested us to play what sounds like a famous jazz number, but unfortunately we did not know the number and told them so. But, they insisted they wanted to listen to whatever we could play. Well… in that case, why not?
We began to play a simple blues, the one pretty similar to jazz (just like a brother of jazz).
At the very moment, they joined us happily clapped their hands and we sang the melody together.

You can play a blues only with six notes.
For example, if you want play blues in F, all you need is F-A♭-B♭-B-C-E♭
If a back beat is being played, you can play a stylish melody by just making “F”

When I came to know that, I thought about playing stylish jazz music, the one you would hear at a Café, shouldn’t be that difficult.
Of course, the more you know, the more you can discover about music.
But, enjoying music itself is not a big deal. Probably, enjoying jazz, blues, even other genre of music or playing a musical instrument should not be that difficult either.

Currently, piano is the only musical instrument I can play, but I’m curious to learn more about the profundity of other genres of music and the excitement of playing other musical instruments.

Shibuya Zunchaka! is a completely new music festival that offers an opportunity to experience various types of music on the streets of Shibuya.

F blues

The future we wish to see beyond Shibuya Zunchaka!

I wish to see the future where everyone participating in Shibuya Zunchaka! proudly say what they “like”.

Shibuya Zunchaka! takes place with the support of many people such as the municipality of Shibuya, the local shopping streets, companies and NPO organizations associated with Shibuya. Of them, we “Team Zunchaka!”, a local volunteer group, plays a key role.

Each member of Team Zunchaka! creates Shibuya Zunchaka! with a different sentiment. One may join the event because he likes music or because she likes Shibuya or simply enjoys talking with members of Team Zunchaka!

We won’t aim for a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather craft an irregularly shaped circle by putting together everyones unique likes.

We want to create a stage where, for example, even a beginner who just started to play a musical instrument a month ago can earn applause. Then, the next day, if he can proudly say “Yeah… I like playing the guitar, I’m just a beginner though”, it alone proves that Shibuya Zunchaka! brings some meaning to the people involved.

After proudly saying so, he may see Shibuya from a slightly different perspective or appreciate music even more. If Shibuya Zunchaka! could bring change something or someone, that would probably be how it happens.

Shibuya is a place where many people gather from all over the world. So a lot of culture is born here. Kicking off Shibuya Zunchaka! at the neighbourhood full of such “likes” is as if we are creating a small piece of the future. As a person born and raised in Shibuya, I honestly believe so.

The future we wish to see beyond Shibuya Zunchaka!

Wish to create a whole new experience which does not even have a name

Although, we call the event “a music festival” to make it easier for people to understand, we often think Shibuya Zunchaka! may not even be a “a music festival”
At Team Zunchaka!’s meeting, we frequently discuss how best describe the benefit of Shibuya Zunchaka, but always struggle to verbalize it.

This is probably because we are creating a whole new landscape that nobody has even seen it and to which not even a name is given.

I play the piano simply because I enjoy it.
I don’t intend to do solve a problem or anything aspirational at all.
But, occasionally, people listen to my performance and turn their happy faces to me.

I wish Shibuya Zunchaka! to serve people that way.

Shibuya Zunchaka! is going to mark the second anniversary.
It is still new, but again this year, it will change the scenery of Shibuya on that day.

So, let’s get together again and enjoy “Zunchaka!”



SHIBUYA Zunchaka!


September 4 (Sun) 2016


11:30 - 18:00


Miyashita-Park / Hachiko Plaza / Center Gai Street and more!!

Organized by


Co – organized by

Shibuya City

Supported by

Shibuya City Tourism Association Inc. Foundation

Co - sponsored by
Special Thanks to
Project design

Team Zunchaka!